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Mr Raffi and Our Marketing — Our Famous Real Estate Dog in San Francisco

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How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

Our third team member — Mr. Raffi McNarry-Ho — adds even more value to our services and is most certainly excluded from any sale


Being memorable is what most agents strive to be — cookies baking in the oven anyone? Being remembered fondly and positively is the rare combination that can be elusive. Yet this is something we have handled. Yes, you have two memorable and charismatic agents working on your behalf but our third team member — Raffi the Dog — seals the deal for sure.

Instead of cookies in the oven or balloons tied to the mailbox, Raffi makes a positive, warm and welcoming impression. Whether it’s in marketing collateral, at open houses or at appointments, Raffi’s calm and sweet temperament (as a former Guide Dogs for the Blind alum) he adds that special something that stands out in people’s minds so that agents and buyers will say that, “Yes, that’s right. That’s the house with the dog,” smiling as they say it.  

Are There More Dogs in SF than Kids?

Yes, according to media reports, there are more dogs in San Francisco than kids. 

According to the American Community Survey, in 2016 there were about 115,000 children under 18 living in the city. At the same time, San Francisco Animal Care and Control estimated there were about 120,000 to 150,000 dogs in the city.

Read and listen to the KQED story here.

Mr. Raffi's Congeniality Showcases the Properties He Helps Us Sell

(aka, shameless dog photos in pretty real estate)

The Search. The Place. The Right Home.

Big props to Kevin, who was my buying agent a few years back! My late review now is really just piling on the praise.

To cut to the chase, buying a good place in SF requires that your agent understands the market, knows what is and isn’t a real neighborhood (see: “The Quad”), knows who is representing the seller, and can competently assess the risk areas of a house (when so many are over 100 years old).

With those skills, Kevin helped keep me steady and guide me through the emotional rollercoaster of real estate in SF to finally have a place to call my own!

Repeat Buyers + Sellers in the Inner Parkside

Kevin and Jonathan helped us buy our SF home back in March of 2015 and then skillfully helped us sell the same home a little over two years later when family and career opportunity took us out of SF.

On the buying end, Kevin was helpful in augmenting our own search efforts with his own perspective and agent insights.  He provided feedback on all our potential homes, being honest with us about the pros/cons and market around each.  When we found our perfect home, that’s when the magic kicked in.  Kevin helped us expeditiously navigate the offer process and close with a pre emptive offer that we felt good about.

Two years later, when we realized we were going to have to move much sooner than we had originally planned, we tapped Kevin and Jonathan again.  They both guided us on making the small investments that would help us get the best price for our home.  They could tell we didn’t want to do too much, as our home was a full remodel just two years prior, so they focused on the most important stuff.  When it came time to show and sell the house, they were great.  This was especially useful since we had already moved out of town.  But, with this team, we felt confident.  Once again, they expertly led the negotiation process getting us a great price!

— Navin and Varsha

Buyers and Sellers

Inner Parkside

Take a look at the listing photos from when we sold:

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