What Do You Want to Accomplish in San Francisco Real Estate? 

Hi, we’re Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry — partners in life and in business. With our real estate super dog Raffi, we are expert, dedicated, and top-ranked San Francisco real estate agents at the City’s largest locally owned brokerage, Vanguard Properties. 

We really love what we do and know our clients — both buyers and sellers, who often become our friends — do too.  We live and breathe real estate 24/7. We are homeowners, dog dads and among the top agents in the City working with buyers and sellers from all walks of life. We regularly appear on the news as real estate experts and are frequent contributors to news outlets like the San Francisco Chronicle, Curbed SF and Realtor.com.

We love what we do and we live and breathe real estate 24/7. More importantly our clients love what we do too.



Real estate is also about changing your life (for the better).

Buyer or seller, experienced or first-timers, fixer or finished to perfection, big budget or smaller budget, today or tomorrow (or, perhaps, and tomorrow), we resolutely meet and usually best our clients’ real estate goals. We like to think of ourselves as your brokers for life. 

In case you couldn’t tell, you’re in the in the right place if you want engaged, personable, and energetic San Francisco real estate. We truly care about our client’s lives and well-being and use our experience and knowledge from hundreds of millions of dollars of sales to our client’s advantage every day. 

It’s time to begin.

Kevin K. Ho, Esq. 

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Jonathan B. McNarry

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Raffi McNarry-Ho

(sorry, Raffi does not email or text) 

Just as every property is unique, so is each client experience

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San Francisco Unlocked and Unblocked — Block by Block. 

We drill down to the neighborhoods, the side of the street you're on, which way the wind blows at 4:00 a.m. and p.m. to help our clients — who are both buyers and sellers, first-timers, veterans to the market and repeat — understand the variety, nuance and micro-markets that fit into our 7-mile-by-7-mile slice of the world.




Thanks to our devoted client base and their referrals and repeat business, we've been able to rank in the City's top echelon of agents for many years. We always remember that our success is rooted in our clients' success. We're in this together. 

Mr. Raffi McNarry-Ho.

(The Black Lab)

San Francisco has its very own real estate dog. Whether Raffi is helping our buyers sniff out the competition or our sellers out by looking his friendly self, Raffi does his part in Kevin+Jonathan's success.  

Forward Thinking.

Local Experts with A Global Reach.

We could be working with any brokerage in San Francisco or even be an independent one. But we chose to align with a company that is distinct, special and successful — Vanguard Properties. The (last) locally owned and operated major brokerage in San Francisco, the firm has deep roots in the LGBT community, new development and the community at large. 

What's it Like to Work with Kevin+Jonathan?  

Importantly, Kevin and Jonathan had great suggestions and advice on making our offer compelling, helping us secure the property we really wanted despite not being all-cash nor the highest offer!

Ross & Sarah, Successful Buyers and Homeowners of a Noe Valley Single-Family Home, who later remodeled and updated their home. Ross and Sarah also referred many other happy buyers — many of whom are also now homeowners thanks to Kevin+Jonathan. Also pictured, Mr. Raffi pays a follow-up visit to the growing family.

We love what we do.

But more importantly, our clients love what we do too. 

Yes, other San Francisco agents seek to work with us and our clients because they know we will follow-through and stay true

Kevin and Jonathan helped us sell our home in the Lower Haight, and they were fantastic! We seriously cannot recommend them enough. Kevin and Jonathan are knowledgeable, savvy, hands-on agents who are worth their weight in gold! If you need to buy or sell, WORK WITH THEM! They CARE about their clients as PEOPLE.

From the beginning stages of brainstorming ideas, to the execution and final sale, Kevin and Jonathan were with us every step of the way. They knew exactly what needed to be done and who to talk to, whether it be design, painting, hiring contractors or staging.

They were also incredibly knowledgeable about the market and what potential buyers would be looking for. Once the sales process was in play, it quickly became apparently that Kevin and Jonathan know how to run a competitive process. They sold our property and helped us get an amazing return.

LJ & Lawrence, Personal Consulting and Gaming, Sellers, Lower Haight, who followed our advice on strategic remodeling and updates to realize a gain of $740,000 in just two years.

Respected In the Community (of Other Agents)

About 10–20 percent of real estate agents in San Francisco account for 80 percent of all the transactions that take place in the City. This relatively small community is one full of so many types of personalities, approaches, style and practices. To stand out among this community takes experience, courtesy and professionalism that form the basis of a solid reputation. 

Other Agents Want to Work with Us And Our Clients

It’s nice to be held in high regard or esteem by co-workers (and even competitors), right? Our clients benefit from our great reputation among the agent community. And yes — it really does make a difference as to who your representation is.  


We always remember that other agents and their clients are our audience as well who need to be seen, acknowledged and engaged.

{One of the Best Open Houses in 40 Years}

I must say that your entire property from stem to stern, showed Spectacular! ... In any event, everything was extremely well balanced — the pictures, art work, mirrors, window treatments, lighting fixtures, interior & exterior paint jobs, back yard, and the total ambiance that the two of you created in your presence with your cordiality & friendly personalities, made this one of the best open house presentations that I have ever experienced in 40 years as a Realtor!

Long time Noe Valley agent 

(Unsolicited feedback about our listing at 1617 Church Street, which saw our clients realize a nearly $450,000 gain (35%) in 2 years without major renovations, just better preparation that we personally supervised) 

Yes, other San Francisco agents seek to work with us and our clients because they know we will follow-through and stay true

Agents Have Good Memories. Let’s Make Those Fond Ones, Shall We? 

We received a lot of good offers… but based on our past relationship and how smoothly it went, I pushed for your offer.

Listing Agent, San Francisco, Corona Heights

(Our buyer won an attractive Corona/Castro property by beating out 2 other competitive and similar offers)

Your clients got the property because of you!

Listing Agent, San Francisco, Haight District

(Our buyers won and beat out 1 other similar offer)


I presented your clients offer to my sellers and told them about you in particular and encouraged them to go with you.

Listing Agent, San Francisco, Eureka Valley

(Our buyers’ carefully crafted preemptive offer was accepted instead of going to market, where property would have sold for more most likely)

Our Current, Recent and Past Client Sales and Successes

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Information Made Pretty (and) Accessible

We believe success is by design. Speaking of design, we love design in all its forms, including graphic design, which we love doing. Take a look at how we present information in the way we, well, present information.