Hello, we are Kevin+Jonathan, top-ranked San Francisco real estate agents, homeowners and dog dads. 

We love what we do and we live and breathe real estate 24/7. More importantly our clients love what we do too.

Buyer or seller, experienced or first-timers, fixer or finished, big budget or tight budget, we resolutely meet and usually best our clients’ real estate goals.


What Do You Want to Accomplish in San Francisco Real Estate? 

We're Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, and with our black labrador retriever, Mr. Raffi, we are dedicated, top-ranked and producing expert San Francisco realtors at Vanguard Properties, the leading, locally owned, luxury boutique brokerage.

In case you couldn’t tell, you're in the in the right place if you want engaged, personable, and energetic San Francisco real estate services, experience and knowledge from agents who are truly caring, comprehensive and thoughtful.

Let's begin!

Just as every property is unique, so is each client experience



What's it Like to Work with Kevin+Jonathan?  

Importantly, Kevin and Jonathan had great suggestions and advice on making our offer compelling, helping us secure the property we really wanted despite not being all-cash nor the highest offer!

Ross & Sarah, Successful Buyers and Homeowners of a Noe Valley Single-Family Home, who later remodeled and updated their home. Ross and Sarah also referred many other happy buyers — many of whom are also now homeowners thanks to Kevin+Jonathan. Also pictured, Mr. Raffi pays a follow-up visit to the growing family.

Kevin and Jonathan helped us sell our home in the Lower Haight, and they were fantastic! We seriously cannot recommend them enough. Kevin and Jonathan are knowledgeable, savvy, hands-on agents who are worth their weight in gold! If you need to buy or sell, WORK WITH THEM! They CARE about their clients as PEOPLE.

From the beginning stages of brainstorming ideas, to the execution and final sale, Kevin and Jonathan were with us every step of the way. They knew exactly what needed to be done and who to talk to, whether it be design, painting, hiring contractors or staging.

They were also incredibly knowledgeable about the market and what potential buyers would be looking for. Once the sales process was in play, it quickly became apparently that Kevin and Jonathan know how to run a competitive process. They sold our property and helped us get an amazing return.

LJ & Lawrence, Personal Consulting and Gaming, Sellers, Lower Haight, who followed our advice on strategic remodeling and updates to realize a gain of $740,000 in just two years.

Our Listings

Unrivaled preparation and presentation, our listings will impress and outperform.  

Evaluate + Renovate

We bring our experience with home renovation and property preparation to bear for our clients when it comes to evaluating and assessing potential  San Francisco property purchases  

Better Buying

Tip-top repreparation and offer presentation, our buyers buy better and smarter.  

Evaluating + Renovating SF Properties

We bring our experience with home renovation and property preparation to bear for our clients when it comes to evaluating and assessing potential purchases.  

Kevin K. Ho, Esq. + Jonathan B. McNarry
San Francisco Real Estate Experts
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