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A crazy animal house condo building

Learning About Buying a San Francisco Condominium — the most traded category

Top real estate agents Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry give an overview of San Francisco’s most commonly bought and sold home: the condominium. With the largest range of prices, sizes and kinds, knowing what to consider when buying a San Francisco condominium is key. Kevin and Jonathan of Vanguard Properties in San Francisco have deep experience in this market segment.

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September 15, 2022 San Francisco Real Estate

It’s Not Just Us Who Keep up with Karl the Fog the New York Times on Karl

Fog is why one neighborhood is notoriously chilly, another is surprisingly sunny, and the airport is where it is. It is why…

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October 25, 2018 San Francisco Real Estate

Shift to Buyers? Maybe so, but a limited one

From REALTOR Magazine: if your buyer clients are hoping to wait it out [for a better purchase price], you might want to…

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How to Win at Competitive Bidding

How to Get On with Competitive Bidding Without knowing failure, relishing success rings somewhat hollow. In a competitive market it’s far easier…

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Know How: Phil Ting’s Property Tax Tips

Assessor talks with Vanguard and offers his perspective Phil Ting, San Francisco Assessor and mayoral candidate, reported his office granted nearly 18,000…

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