The Daily Iowan: 1998

A world-class study break

The scheduled performance of City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra is set to be "Hancher at its best."

By Kevin Ho The Daily Iowan

UI classical music fans looking for a study break are in store for a world-class treat with tonight's scheduled performance of the world-renowned City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle.

"It'll be one of the most exciting nights we ever had at Hancher," Wallace Chappell, director of Hancher Auditorium, said. "Hancher is at its best with a full symphony orchestra. The acoustics are at their best."

The concert by the CBSO will cap off Hancher Auditorium's 25th Anniversary Season. The CBSO has risen to international prominence in the past decade under the baton of young conductor Rattle. After this farewell tour, which includes stops in Chicago, New York's Lincoln Center, and dates in Japan, Rattle will leave the CBSO after 18 years.

Chappell said difficulty in scheduling forced the event to take place during finals week or not at all. However, he said tonight's concert would be a great study break for UI students.

"Well, you've seen studies that say that classical music improves your I.Q.," he said. "I think classical music sets your mind at ease and puts it in order as well." Chappell said Rattle is one of the more charismatic conductors on the classical music scene.

"This man (Rattle) is very good with audiences and reminds me of young Leonard Bernstein with his conducting and his interaction with audiences." High costs make visits by symphony orchestras of this caliber rare to Hancher, Chappell said.

"Right now, we're two-thirds sold, so there are plenty of good seats left," he said. "Events like these are expensive, we just rely on shows like Stomp and 'Cats' covering shows like this." Chappell said the CBSO will fly in from Chicago on a special charter jet on this afternoon and return to Chicago tonight.

Tonight's program will feature Rameau's Suite from Les Boreades, Haydn's Symphony No. 86 in D major and Beethoven's masterpiece Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major, the "Eroica" Op. 55. Tickets are still available and there are discounts available for UI students.

Title: A world-class study break

By: By Kevin Ho

Page: 8B May 11, 1998