B U Y E R  R E P R E S E N T E D


Success x 2 in Millwheel 2

Congratulations to our two sets of clients who bought new construction homes at the Millwheel North.



Fall 2014 — Our first set of clients, Inga and Oren, had been searching for a home for 2.5 years and were originally interested in the first phase of the Millwheel but those units got away before they deciding that Dogpatch was for them. (One of those units was sold to another set of our clients who bought a 3-bed, 2-bedroom home with large terrace deck and storage for $753,000 in 2012 — how times have changed!)

Millwheel2202Well after searching all around the city the second phase of the Millwheel was built and the Dogpatch neighborhood has continued its ascendence and is fast-becoming a destination neighborhood. After the first round of units had sold in Millwheel North Inga and Oren called me up and said they were ready. Working with the same sales staff team as the original development we worked to get Inga and Oren a 2-bedroom, 2-bath home with more than 1,100 sqft under the list price at $999,999 with a list price of $1,020,000. After we ratified our sales agreement, Inga was absolutely beaming and couldn’t stop smiling!


Listed at: $1,020,000

Sold at: $999,999



Where is the Millwheel anyway?

Fall 2014 — Our second set of successful buyers at Millwheel North are Arun, his wife Maelle and their two beautiful young baby girls. Having contacted us in the summer seeking to move up to the City, where they worked, from the South Bay, the couple wanted a sunny location (south bay after all) that had growth potential over the long term and somewhere that was safe, spacious and bright.


So, what better place than Dogpatch and the Millwheel’s second phase? The location is among the sunniest in San Francisco, the neighborhood is close to I-280, CalTrain and MUNI, and the entire area is continuing its growth with Pier 70, UCSF Mission Bay and the Golden State Warriors stadium in the works. After checking out other areas in the City the couple soon agreed that the Millwheel was right on.

Working with the familiar sales staff (who already know our clients are serious and able) we got Arun and Maelle unit 304, which is a top-floor, corner unit with skylights (!) with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with parking. In addition to familiarizing the couple with the City, property value and the neighborhood, we went over the nuances and differences in purchasing new construction versus resale of existing properties. So we went over the meaning of a “fit and finish” warranty and the consequences of S.B.800 so the couple would have peace of mind in their purchase.


And after a round of counter offers we got Arun and Malle the home for under the list price of $1.120M at $1.099M. It really does pay to have established and friendly relationships in our industry.


Listed at: $1,120,000

Sold At: $1,099,000

We’re always plugged-in on new construction in the pipeline and connected with sales staff at the brokerages that specialize in new developments and work to get our clients in early. What’s more we go further by monitoring developments with the Planning Department and by our Residential Builder’s Association Membership.