Want to Wait Until You Have a Bigger Down Payment to Buy in San Francisco? Think Twice About It: The Power of Leveraging an Appreciating Asset + Special Mortgage Programs Abound…

Think a 20% down payment is the only way to buy property in San Francisco? Think Again. There are many mortgage programs out there that allow you to get into a home now while rates are low and appreciation potential remains strong in San Francisco. Advice from Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, Vanguard Properties

2017 SF Real Estate Stats — Early!

Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties, San Francisco, bring you sales data for “2017” in San Francisco, i.e., sales where the property address was 2017 or sales that closed on 20th Avenue or Street and 17th Street or Avenue. Yes, it’s random.

Some Suprising September MLS Sale Data for San Francisco Real Estate

September Sales MLS Data for San Francisco shows some shifts and changes for buyers and sellers alike. See how this impacts your position as a San Francisco buyer or seller with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry from Vanguard Properties, San Francisco, CA.

#OMG — Vintage cottage in Atherton: Untouched since 1948 in every way, except the $5.895M price tag – On The Block

This home, situated in one of the nation’s most expensive zip codes, offers a glimpse of old Atherton: it’s a modest two bed, one bath, under 1,700 square feet, with garage, chicken coop, and separate guest house/barn situated upon a walnut orchard. Other than some gratuitous staging (fake flowers, dog biscuits in a bowl for [...]