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So, Let’s Talk About You, Your Goals and SF Real Estate.

Folks buying or selling real estate and their agents often talk about “needs and wants.” We’ve created the following forms to help focus your thoughts of what you think you need and what you really you want. So go ahead and tell us all about it and don’t put any restrictions on yourself either.

The more we know about your real estate goals the better. Let’s get started already!


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For Buyers

Complete as much or as little as you like. Be sure to hit submit and if you don’t hear from us within 2 hours call us. 

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Hello. It's Time to Get Started, Right?

We'll need some basic information to get started 

(i.e, tell us as much or as little as you like)

Today's DateSo we know when...
About You...
Your Name
Cell Phone
Communication Preferenceshow do we get ahold of you?
You're A....buyer? seller? both? (check all that apply)
Experience Levelwhat kind of real estate experience do you have?
What, Where and When...

And now to the good stuff: Tell us the who, what, where and when... 

In a Nutshell, Tell Us What You Want...This is the short-form version. If you want to tell us even more, go below...
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Thanks for that. Be sure to tell your friends, family and colleagues about our services.

If you have a few more minutes why not keep going?

So, do you have a few more minutes?if so, let's keep going!

You can submit what you've input so far by clicking below...

Keep Going To Tell Us Even More...
Geographically Speaking...

Our MLS Districts 

Neighborhoodsa lot can fit into 7 miles by 7 miles. Check the boxes next to the places you live or where you want to live.
What do you want? What do you need?
Property TypesLet's get a sortin' what do you want to buy or sell?
What do you want? What do you need?
Needs chartTell us what really matters
Unimportant.Would Be Nice.Dealbreaker.N/A.
Bedroom Count?
Floor Level?
Gourmet Kitchen?
Freeway Access?
HOA Dues?
About the Money Stuff...
What's Your Budget?
How are you paying?Are you getting a loan?

Do you have a lender? Do you need a lender? 

We should call...If you have a lender ...
New lender Qdo you want more referrals?
What's More ImportantWhat does a good mortgage look like?
Doesn't Matter.Kind of Matters.Deal Breaker.
Financing in general
Downpayment Amount
Monthly Payment Amount
Long-term Interest Rates
Ability to Pre-Pay
Who Lender Is
Special circumstance allowances
Novel financing options
Almost Done. Ready to Start Yet?

Thank you so much for sharing the above information

We appreciate your time and effort. We will keep stuff you tell us confidential. We hope the form gives you a sense of how we work and that you'll tell your friends and others about your approach! 

Kevin+Jonathan (and Raffi)

One More Chance to Tell Us Something We Don't Know...something more to share?
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For Sellers

Complete as much or as little as you like. Be sure to hit submit and if you don’t hear from us within 2 hours call us. 

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Time To Sell?

Thank you for sharing. 

Tell us as much or as little as you like. 

Today's Date
So, Tell Us About Yourself
Cell Phone
How do We Contact You?
Are You A...what's your cup of tea?
How Experienced Are You?rate your real estate experience
What Do You Have to Sell?

Okay, give us some basics please.

Bedroom Counttime for those zzzs (e.g., 1, 1+ den, 15...)
Bathroom Countwhen nature calls (e.g., 1, 2+, as many as possible, etc.)
What Type of Property Do You OwnSo many subtypes, so little time...
In Months, When Do You Want to Selltell us via slider
Or You Can Just Type it Out for UsAnything we need to know?
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Your Goals: Personally, Financially + Personally

Tell us what you want to get out of the experience and what you want to invest into maximizing returns in a higher sale price. 

So why are you...Let us know why...
What Matters To You....
What's More ImportantDiscerning what you want from a sale
Doesn't MatterKind of Matters Really, Really Matters
Final Sale Price
Escrow Duration
Cash offers
1031 Flexibility
Ability to stay onsite after sale
Ease of Transaction
Ability to be involved
Getting regular updates
Just hearing the results
The Part Where We Thank You.
Thank you so much for sharing the above information. We will keep it confidential and we appreciate the time and effort you just expended. We'll take a look at it and get back to you right away! Kevin+Jonathan (and Raffi)
When Do You Want Us To Contact You Back?we're pretty quick most times but in case there's a specific time, please let us know
Anything else?something more to share?
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